Thursday, January 20, 2011

Misty Farms - Ann Arbor, Michigan

Misty Farms is a relatively new event venue in Ann Arbor and it has taken off at the speed of light.  As of last week there were only 3 dates left for 2011.  Misty Farms is a gorgeous wedding venue, and is also able to transformed into whatever you want it to be.  We coordinated Sara & Trevor's wedding at Misty Farms last summer and are looking forward to our 2011 weddings there. 

Contact Kelly Frutig at 734-355-3543 for pricing details.

Below are some pictures of Misty Farms taken in July by the fabulous photographer Amy Carroll:

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Nicole Haley said...

Ooh, looks gorgeous! Thanks for spreading the word, it's a photographer's dream (well, mine at least). :D