Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Guest Books

Every detail counts when it comes to the design of your wedding.  Whether your style is shabby-chic, modern elegance or country vintage the details are what will make it stand out from all the other weddings your family & friends will attend.

One of my favorite details is the guest book.  Each couple has unique tastes and a different for vision for how to capture the guests who attended the celebration of the best day of their lives.  Etsy is a great resource for wedding details and the following guest books can all be found in the "wedding" section.

 This 20 page guest book is 11" x 8.5" and is filled with your photos, chosen by you and professionally retouched.  It is designed specifically for you with your colors, theme, and story.  Price is $165 and it ships within 2 weeks of completion.  Guests can sign and/or write messages on the blanks spaces surrounding your pictures and it's a book you will have forever!  Perfect for the coffee table :)  Click here for the link on Etsy.

This guest book is so fun and interactive for your guests.  Each guests puts their thumb print on one of the branches on this tree along with their name.  This vendor makes a variety of different trees (twisty oak, great oak, gnarled elm, cherry blossom, and tall birch) as well as a variety of different sizes, depending on how many guests you will have.  Pricing ranges from $55 - $117 and can include various paint colors for your guests to leave their print in.  Click here to view the sellers gallery on Etsy.

The three guest books shown above are more traditional by wedding standards, but are unique nonetheless.  Each can be customized with various colors to suite your wedding colors.  Top book is $28, middle is $76, and bottom is $60.

This guest book alternative is one of my favorites!  Guests sign on the matte surrounding the pictures that make up the spelling of your last name.  This comes in two sizes 17" x 30" or 11" x 14", there are 2 black frame options, and the matting is white.  The larger size is priced at $149 and takes three weeks to create plus additional time to ship.  Click here to view this guest book on Etsy.


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