Friday, February 5, 2010

What sets you apart?

Friends, Friends, Friends - this post is inspired by a great chat I had Wednesday night with a few fellow planners.  We strive to give our all and our best to every single one of our clients.  We love getting to know our clients as fully as possible, and we want to be in the loop via phone, email, and face to face meetings - after all, that is WHY you hired us!  While we're very giving of our time and ideas, what else is it that a planner did for you that exceeded your expectations or that set them apart?  For those not yet married, what would you expect from a planner and/or what could one to do "wow" you?  What has a planner done that bugs you or that did not meet let alone exceed your expectations?

For example, we give each of our clients a "swag bag."  What's in it?  You'll have to hire us to find out... ;)

This is an interactive post folks!!!  Looking forward to hear what you all have to say!! :)

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