Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Alanna Rochelle Designs (Jewelry!)

This girl is amazingly talented!  I have a few pieces of jewelry from her and I just ordered one more!  Here is a peek at what I'm getting...

I own a few necklaces of hers which I can pair with a super casual outfit (jeans and t-shirt) or I can dress up with when meeting clients.  I recently asked her to make me a bracelet with contrasting colors and the picture above is what she came up with.  At first I was uncertain and threw a few more ideas her way.  However, when she emailed the pics of variations on the bracelet back to me, I realized that she was right all along.  Alanna knows what she's doing, I should never have second guess her in the first place. 

Second guessing Alanna put me in the position of one of my clients second guessing me.  It was pretty interesting to feel like I can start to understand their thought process and why they might have different thoughts.  In the end, the professional is usually right :)

Alanna's jewelry is great as a birthday gift, for your bridal party, mother, mother-in-law, or for the bride herself.  She is having a great sale right now so visit her store at:

She also makes custom jewelry so don't be afraid to ask for something specific!!!

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