Friday, January 29, 2010

Welcome to Miami (Bienvenido a Miami) by Will Smith

So I must admit, Will Smith might be one of my favorite artists of all time...okay, now that I have confessed to that I have a few other things to confess to:

As an event planner/event designer/event consultant/Type A/overly organized person, I love to hear ideas from friends, family, clients, or just from eavesdropping about parties, weddings, themes, decor, anything and everything planning related.  The upside is that I always hear new things, the downside is that when I hear things I really like my mind starts racing a million miles an hour.  Maybe I should rename myself "Planning Obsessed" (right Jaime?) ;)

For example, a friend of mind was telling me about this amazing party that finds its inspiration in the clubs/lounges of Miami.  Admittingly, I have watched "My Super Sweet Sixteen" on MTV ever since it first began and I still DVR episodes to this day!  Sorry for the anyways, as soon as I heard this my mind was spinning and the best way for me to get the ideas out of my head is to make story boards...may I present you with two:

This story board is inspired by the "art deco" feel of South Beach/Miami.  It has a very simple, contemporary feel with very neutral colors and one color that pops.  I envision this to have a very sleek, high class vibe that screams sexiness.  Picture a formal dinner area with rectangle tables decorated very simply with white linens, a plethora of illuminated candles, square dinner plates, and separated from a lounge area and a dance area by a curtain made of silver beads.  On one side of the dinner area is a lounge with white leather ottomans and chaises with white and silver pillows and staff are walking around serving the lounge guests drinks and appetizers.  On the other side of the dining and lounge area is a dance floor where the DJ is set up and the music is pumping! Ha!

This story board is inspired by the club/lounge feel of New York, Chicago, Miami and includes a hint of girliness decorated with chandeliors and sparkly beads in the entryway.  This story board is full of color and sassiness, from the sliders and coconut shrimp being served by the wait staff to the "mocktini" made and named specifically for the guest of honor.  What is a "mocktini" you might ask?  A "mocktini" is a drink, made without alcohol, that possesses the same ingredients as those made with alcohol.  For example, you could have a pina colada sans alcohol and that would be a "mocktini." 

The cool thing about either of these story boards is that I envision them in a penthouse suite overlooking a cool downtown, or in a warehouse that has a contemporary, open feel to it.

Which story board do you like best?  What other ideas do you have to add to mine?  I would love to hear any comments/suggestions/opinions!!!

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BlissBook said...

First of all I wish that I could have been lucky enough to have an off the hook sweet 16 like this. I would choose the New York club theme overlooking the city with the pop of blue color, oh and can I please have some feathers. Great ideas, especially the sliders and julie-tinis!