Thursday, August 11, 2011

weddings at michigan stadium (the big house)

i recently attended a networking meeting at one of ann arbor's newest wedding venues...michigan stadium...otherwise known as the big house.  you can have your wedding ceremony on the block M and your reception up in the suites or you can have a tented reception right on the football field.  did i mention that the guys can get ready in the locker room!?  this would be a dream come true for any university of michigan sports enthusiast ( future brother-in-law) or any former football player.  for those who can't afford the steep rental fee, they offer an hour long photo session complete with props for $500!  woo hoo!  be prepared to drool over the following images courtesy of jlb photography:

proof we were there!!!  (lyndsay is on the left and i (courtney) am on the right) thanks jlb!

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