Sunday, August 14, 2011

6.11.11 | Karen & Zvonko

oh my....where do i even begin with this amazing (and huge) macedonian-american wedding?  i will start here:

karen & zvonko (and rita, ken, elizabeth, lindsey, charlie, and jesus): thank you so much.  thank you for allowing me into your lives, and for treating me like family.  it was an honor to be part of your wedding that was overflowing with love.  

karen & zvonko's wedding was full of macedonian traditions from the ceremonial shaving of the groom, to dancing in the driveway, the fathers exchanging cognac, the bride watching her groom enter her parents house through her engagement ring, bartering for the bride, drinking wine out of the heel of the brides shoe, the two youngest boys escorting the bride out of the house, kicking over a cup of water, and the groom jumping a fence...amazing huh?

i had a really hard time chooses which images from calynn berry photography to use in this blog - they were all AMAZING so i apologize in advance for the length of this blog can see more on my website under the "real weddings" tab.

karen looking at her groom entering the house through her engagement ring

the macedonian band was 

bartering for the bride

drinking wine from the heel of her shoe

kicking over a cup of water on her way out

love this series of zvonko "jumping the fence" (literally)

the guys were hilarious all day!

lovin' the fake 'stache

gold chiavari chairs, linens & flowers by emerald city transformed the ballroom at the palazzo grande 

LOVE these two!!

i cried during the first dance, and by cry i mean bawl.

i think it's safe to say that everyone had a LOT of fun....

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