Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Girl In Love Photography - Melissa Squires

In my previous blog post I mentioned how amazing the wedding industry is in Ann Arbor, and how lucky we are to be surrounded by such talent.  One of my new found friends and favorites (although it feels like she has been a friend forever) is Melissa Squires of A Girl in Love Photography.  Melissa is not only an amazing artist, but she is so down-to-earth, real, and I just love, love, love her to pieces!  It is so important in the wedding industry to continue to be inspired and keep the passion, and Melissa is one of those people who continuously inspires me and keeps me passionate about designing, planning and coordinating weddings!  We have our first (hopefully of many) weddings together in May of 2012 and I can't wait!  Instead of her answering the typical questions you see in many blog posts, I asked Melissa to send me a few of her favorite images and explain what went on behind the camera and why they are her favorites...I think it says a lot about an artist and photographer when you know what they were thinking as they snapped a shot.  Take a look - I know you will fall in <3 like I have :)

Sara and Dan - this was at the Detroit Yacht club and we wanted to do a few night images (I try to do one with the cool dramatic light each wedding if possible) and I kept wanting to use the display they have in the middle of the lobby even though I thought it was a bit Sara and Dan just kinda hung out on the other side and we lit it from behind.. I told them to just enjoy themselves...they were kissing and it came out magical!

Lexi and Brendan - the wedding ceremony was over, we had done portraits and they were ready to just take a few moments alone before the reception...I was peeking in and saw them by the window and they were there together talking and enjoying each other, maybe talking about the day so far and I thought, this is what getting married is about, I love that they didn't even realize I took the photo.

Jenay and Michael... I think that we all want to be beautiful and glamorous.  I think it's most important to photograph women as their own beautiful selves and not try to make them into someone else's image...I love that when I asked if she minded getting down in the grass in her dress she cried "of course not" and she just turned on her amazing smile.  I wanted to capture her and her natural beauty and I think we did just that :) 

Rhona and Justin were married downtown Detroit, this picture was taken while we were getting ready. It's my favorite formal shot ever because, well, look at it, how awesome the family is!  I love that the dad's getting the little one ready and I love that while Justin is talking to one of his groomsmen Rhona is looking right at the camera, still, calm, peaceful, totally in the moment and enjoying the fact that she was just married to the one she loves more than anything. My second shooter and also amazing husband shot this, I love that while I'm doing something he can be capturing something and go totally unnoticed because everyone is focused on what I'm doing!

Sharon and Gerald - this image was in the most recent Brides Michigan magazine and I love that they ran it big! I think that if there is dancing at the reception then I want to get images that show the energy and the party and this image is one of those. I love that she is just letting loose and enjoying herself and the music and I love that I caught it.

Thank you Melissa for sharing your thoughts so openly and candidly with us!  Melissa's wedding packages start at $3,200 for six hours of coverage and includes an engagement session, wedding dvd with high resolution negatives and copywright, a portrait booth at reception, a second shooter, and same day 4 image film folio.

You can visit Melissa's blog here - trust me, it is addicting!

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