Monday, August 2, 2010

Emplume - "Moderne Couture Bouquets"

A few weeks ago I saw a blog post by photographer Nicole Ladonne  followed by an amazing video by filmmaker Jamie Honce showcasing pictures and a video of these amazing bouquets that are not made out of flowers, but out of FEATHERS!  They were amazing and I knew I had to hear more about these ladies (Shannon & Carrie) and their business...

A blogger recently wrote about Emplume... “On your wedding day, vow to have and to hold something special – in addition to your new husband...” and of course we completely agree!

1. What inspired you to start this business?

We were trying to find a fashion forward and unique alternative to fresh flowers for Carries wedding in 2004.
She had a limited budget and we could not bear the thought of spending money on florals just to throw them away at the end of the night!

2. How long have you been in business and where are you located?

We officially started Emplume just 6 months after Carrie's wedding. We have a design studio in Milford, MI that is by appointment only.

3. Are there different sizes of bouquets and different materials and colors I can choose from?

Currently - every Emplume bouquet is designed for each individual bride to her specifications as far as color, size, shape, style and elements inlcuded. We are soon going to be launching our 2011 collection, which will include approximately 10 bouquets that a bride can select from. They will be available in multiple colors, with choices in crystals, jewels, and ribbon handle colors. We will also continue to do completely custom bouquets as well.

4. What is your pricing?

The average bridal bouquet has a base price of $275 and any jewels, pearls, crystals, feather flowers and gorgeous upgrades are priced ala carte.  This is a nice thing for our brides, as it lets them be more in control of the overall cost of the finished bouquet.

Maid bouquets have a base price of $130 and the same ala carte prices applies. Grooms bouts are $45, mens bouts are $25 and corsages range from $30-$150 depending on the style.

5. How far in advance do I need to place my order?

We prefer 3-6 months to have our brides go thru our design process, but more time is always better! We want to have plenty of time to make sure the bouquet or collection is perfect! We require a $100 mock-up fee which allows us to put together a mock-up of the bouquet based on our conversations and the bride's preferences, which we email digital photos to the bride for approval. Our mock-up calendar typically runs 6 weeks. Our process is very collaborative, with lots of input coming from the brides... so it takes a bit of time, but is of course completely worth it in the end!

6. Will my items last forever? Is there any upkeep needed after my wedding?

Bouquets will last forever if they are taken care of properly! Carrie's original bouquet is still on display on her mantle and in perfect condition, and it has been shipped all around the counrty as a sample! Most bouquets will only need a light dusting every few months.

7. How do you take your coffee?

Starbucks of course! Carrie has a vente iced vanilla latte and I have a skinny triple grande iced latte with 2 equals.:)

Photo Credit - Carla Licavoli

**You may contact Carrie & Shannon at 877-735-4527 or visit their website at **

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