Wednesday, July 28, 2010

On a personal note...

Hi everyone!  I thought I'd deviate from our typical mid-week Wednesday post and share something that's a little more personal than professional...

I have an amazing life - awesome family & friends, great husband, and a beautiful baby girl.  Everywhere we go Kennedy (my daughter) says "hi" to takes her a few minutes to feel comfortable with where we are at, but whether it be Target, Starbucks, or Meijer, she insists on greeting anyone and everyone that crosses her path. 

Kennedy doesn't care if someone is white/purple/green/black/yellow, tall/short, thin/heavy, brown-eyed/ get the picture.  She gladly greets anyone within her peripherial vision.  She doesn't judge, she doesn't gossip, she doesn't care - she LOVES everyone just the same.  Her child-like innocence and the inability to judge others is a constant reminder to me to provide her with a good example. 

Kennedy continues to teach me so many things about life, about faith, and about LOVE.

As we continue on the journey of life, we don't always know what the next route is.  I'm thankful to be loved every day and to love others back.  Lately I have been feeling stressed about life.   When should we have another child, how do we successfully grow this business, what will Kennedy's schedule be in the fall (daycare)?  Kennedy has truly enabled me to step back and enjoy the exact moment.  She is a constant reminder of how fast time flies (when you're having fun!) and how to appreciate the most simple joys in life.

I encourage you to take a step back today.  Leave whatever is making you sad, overwhelmed, stressed, at the door and take a walk to enjoy the beautiful grass or flowers, or get in your car and crank up your favorite song and go crazy.  And if all else fails - borrow a 1-year old and hang out with them for a couple'll see life in a whole new way :)


WeddObsessed said...

Good reminders!!

dognbird said...

Love it, I'm currently taking a big leap of faith, your blog is a great reminder to just be! Thank you (and Kennedy) for sharing the love.