Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Emergency Kits

I recently had a friend tell me a story of how she went to a wedding and needed a safety pin for her dress.  She approached the wedding coordinator for one, but was out of luck, the wedding coordinator DID NOT have one...neither did any of the other five staff the wedding coordinator had brought along with her.

I also saw on a fellow wedding planner's blog recently that they had an ant problem at a wedding she coordinated.  She and her team googled the solution and it powder!  Good thing she DID have that in her emergency kit.

These two stories lead me to write this blog post...

One of the benefits you receive from hiring a wedding planner is they bring what's affectionately known as an "emergency kit" to help solve any unexpected problems or issues that may arise, from spilling orange juice on the bridesmaids dress, to a guest needing a safety pin to hold her dress together.  These emergency kits are a vital part of any wedding ceremony & reception and should be provided to you by any wedding planner and/or coordinator you hire.  Our emergency kits contain items like suntan lotion, lint rollers, breath mints, and all kinds of things you didn't realize you needed or might need (or forget) during your wedding day.  Our job is to make the process of planning your wedding and the day of your wedding as stress free as possible - our emergency kit is supposed to do just that...make you not stressed about if your maid of honor forgot her deoderant, or your best man forgot his toothbrush.

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Whitney Keeler said...

I cannot tell you how many weddings I have done where someone has needed a safety pin, or a pair of scissors, or a lint roller, or something someone has forgotten. Go emergency kits!