Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Favors - to give or not to give...

We've noticed that in the last couple of weddings we have planned, coordinated and attended, there were more that did not give out favors than those that did.  As we've been talking to other wedding planners and friends, we're realizing it's not just what we're noticing...other people are noticing it too.

Some speculation as to why this is happening:

1.  Saving $ - depending on the size of your wedding, a nice favor (i.e. playing cards, specialty chocolates) can be expensive.  It is an area of your budget you can easily cut back on.  Our philosophy is if you're buying favors just to buy favors, you might as well save your money.  Spend it on a dessert bar, coffee bar, ice cream bar...you get the drift :)  If you are buying favors because they have meaning or symbolize something to you and your fiance, that's awesome!  We have a couple who met playing euchre, so their favors are going to be playing cards - it has a special meaning to them and to all who will be attending the wedding.

2.  Appreciated, but Forgotten - often times, especially after a couple hours of open bar, we find favors strewn around the tables (along with other items) at the end of a great evening.  Guests leave without taking them, or they are half open/half eaten, and it ends up becoming a waste.  This is certainly not always the case, but it does happen. 

3.  One Less Item - these days, as brides are doing more than ever, working, going to school, planning a wedding, and much, much more they are wanting to simplify the planning process as much as possible.  With one less item on their "to do" list and one less headache the day of their wedding it becomes the first line item cut out of their wedding planning process.  Our solution:  Hire a wedding planner or wedding coordinator! Seriously, having someone help you through the process, and having someone whom you can delegate task to is a huge time and headache saver.  Don't hesitate to ask your maid of honor or other bridesmaids to help in the planning process.  Give them tasks, they want to be involved!

Wedding Planners - Are you noticing this trend too?
Wedding Guests - What are some of the favorite favors you've recieved?  Have you noticed the lack of favors at weddings you have been attending?


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