Thursday, May 27, 2010

Preferred Vendors - what does that mean?

"Preferred Vendor."  What does that mean?

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In the wedding industry you will hear this term a lot!  It is in our contract, it is in our vocabulary, and it is in the literature you will receive from many, many venues.

The term has a bit of a bad reputation.  I can't tell you how many times I have been asked "do you receive a kickback from vendors who you refer clients to?"  The answer for us is a resounding NO!!!!!

We refer clients to specific vendors based on our established relationship, knowledge of their work, professionalism, honesty, price, and of course being a good fit for the client.  The vendors who are willing to give us a "cut" are not the ones we want to work with - we want the vendors willing to pass that discount on to our clients.  For example, a rental company (Your Event Party Rental in Plymouth, Michigan) that we work very closely with waves the damage waiver for our clients (usually 6% of the total bill), they are on time, professional, have great equipment, and are nice people...a winning combination.

photo courtesy of Crossing River Weddings

My dear colleague and friend, Lindsey Nartker, said it best when she started doing blog posts once a week on a new vendor.  Why would she share her wedding planning secrets?  Why would she want the world to know what vendors to use?  Lindsey said it best when she blogged:

 "Some people are probably wondering why I’d share all my favorite vendors when typically that is what my clients hire me to do… well, there is enough to go around for everyone! If I kept all these people my little secret than I’m definitely doing them injustice. They all deserve to be highlighted and recognized for their super cool personalities and stellar work. (Plus, as a wedding coordinator, recommending vendors is only a small part of what we do. Clients hire us to know the vendors and know which ones are a great fit for their wedding. We also know how their services are priced and if they’re available for your date. Not every photographer will work for every bride – it’s our job to make the process of selecting the right vendor super duper easy!)

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Choosing a vendor is more than just who's available on your's finding a good fit, somebody who is on your same page, who you trust, who is timely, and who is within your budget. 

The vendors highlighted in this blog post are without a doubt some of our preferred vendors...Be sure to check them out!!!

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