Monday, April 26, 2010

Your Wedding Website

*This blog post is written by Ashley from Dishy Events based out of St. Louis  I have been wanting to write a post similar to this and Ashley took the words right out of my mouth.  Here is her amazing blog post:*

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past twenty years, you’ve probably heard of this little ole thing we like to call the internet, which is completely changing the way the wedding planning industry functions. Brides and grooms no longer have to stick to the traditional methods of communication, i.e. the response card or the telephone call to share wedding details with guests. All that can be done online. And all of it can be done through a wedding web site (cue the light bulb turning on “aaaahhh” music now).

There are lots of great wedding web site providers out on the internet today, some of which are 100% free. Can you believe it? The words FREE and WEDDING in the same sentence? Two of my favorite FREE sites would have to include and The Knot (a.k.a the mother site of all wedding planning). is probably my favorite because it has lots of FREE additional pages that you’d have to pay for on other sites.

Now let’s talk content for you wedding web site. Here are some suggestions of things you may want to include on your site so you AND your guests can get the most out of the experience:

ACCOMMODATIONS. This is pretty plain a simple here; list the hotels you’ve secured blocks of rooms at plus any other hotel options you want your guests to be aware of. This is a quick and easy way to provide your guests with all the information (including contact and price) that they need to book a room for your big day! Saves a phone call or two to your MOB (mother of the bride) as well.

ATTRACTIONS. Most brides and grooms have at least a few (sometimes a lot) of out of town guests. What better way to welcome them to town than by providing a list of attractions they can visit while they’re there. If your wedding is in St. Louis, there is plenty for your guests to do – i.e. the St. Louis Zoo, the City Museum, the Arch, Cardinals games or an Anheuser Busch Brewery Tour.

WEDDING EVENTS. A wedding events page is nice especially for an out of town or destination wedding. The wedding events page can outline any additional activities you plan on doing around the big day (an excursion) and provides details on the ceremony and reception, i.e. the things people might need to know if they forget to look at your invite!

RSVP. In the old days, the only way to find out if someone was planning to attend your wedding was to send a response card along with the invite asking them to send back within so many weeks. Well nowadays, you can simply direct them to your wedding web site to RSVP – talk about saving money on printing and stamps! Plus an online RSVP allows you to easily track all guest responses and export when complete!

These are just a few of the pages you can include on your wedding web site to keep your guests in the loop! You can also have pages that tell your story, introduces the wedding party or shows where your registered! All in all, the wedding web site is a great idea. If you don’t have one just yet, you should really look into it. Besides being fully customizable and easy to use, the wedding web site is in a nutshell a communication tool to reach your guests, which in the end will save you time and stress!

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