Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Trash the Dress (Rock the Frock)

I don't feel like I really need to write anything. These pictures are AMAZING and speak for themself.

Whitney Keeler, the photographer of Imagine Three , did a Trash the Dress session here in Michigan. First of all, I think the idea of Trash the Dress or Rock the Frock is amazing. The sight of an expensive, elegant, and romantic article of clothing contrasted with a rough, dirty, a-typical setting is the new age of photography at its finest. Someday I will hire Whitney to photograph me trashing my wedding dress and rocking my frock :)

Some common locations for Trash the Dress shootings are beaches, as shown above, rooftops, city streets, junk yards, fields, and abandoned buildings just to name a few.

I also have to give a shout out to Julie Hill, hairstylist of Imagine Three. She created the Bliss Book along with Whitney and their other sister Hannah. Julie is responsible for the amazing hair in the pictures above, and also for the upkeep of yours truly :)

Both Whitney and Julie's blogs are listed on the left hand side of my blog - please check them out!!

Do you know anyone who has done a Trash the Dress shoot? Either as the bride or photographer? I'd love to see pics, talk location, and hear funny antecdotes.

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BlissBook said...

Beautiful post Courtney! I hadn't seen all the photo's yet, they look amazing.