Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Social Media - What did I sign up for????

Ever since we opened the doors to Petals Planning Co. our lives have been a whirlwind. Social Media Marketing is "the" way to get your name out and build your reputation. We are on twitter (@petalsplanning), a member of the Bridal Tweet Community, we have a facebook fan page, and I'm sure there are even more opportunities out there we're missing! In some ways it feels overwhelming, but last night I had an awesome, awesome experience resulting from information found on a social media site - twitter.

I heard of a "WEDCHAT" happening and I was curious so I joined in. It was the experience of a life time! For all you brides out there - planners exchange ideas, information, marketing strategies, and stories and are therefore constantly improving their planning skills and knowledge base. I had the pleasure of "meeting" via a chat room, Jennifer from Regal Affair who was full of helpful information and reminded me we need to get our marketing packages out! For any of you UM brides planning destination weddings or getting married in the San Antonio area, she's your go to gal!

I also "met" an entrepreneur of couture desserts from Austin Texas. The business is called Haute Cakes and they have done some cakes for UM brides and grooms :) Everyone was friendly, fun, and full of good information. There were representatives from a plethora of states, Texas, Michigan, Indiana, and some of us learned of the new phrase: "tweetups!" This is where people connected on twitter and who live in the same area meet up at a local restaurant and/or bar to network - look out Ann Arbor, The Bliss Book and I are going to network all over the town! Ha!

Back in the day when I was using instant messaging by AOL, I was in chat rooms with my friends all the time, discussing what we were wearing to school the next day or who asked whom to prom. Now, I'm in chat rooms learning about the industry I work in and "meeting" people from all over the country. How cool!?

While part of me feels really overwhelmed trying to keep up with the Jones' on twitter and facebook, I am really grateful for the amazing opportunities sites such as these have provided. I love to exchange information and ideas with others and am always wanting to grow and learn as a person and as a business owner.

Thank you to all of my friends and followers on twitter and to all of my fans on facebook. You ROCK!


Jennifer Ramirez-Jasiczek said...

Thank you for the mention. We WEDCHAT every Tuesday evening. Here is the best part of "keeping up with the Jones" on twitter: It's all about you and who you interact with. I am the Jones and you are the Jones. Welcome to my twitter circle, we've both arrived.

BlissBook said...

Thank you for the support and I will do the same for you. Your amazing!