Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Julie & Steve

Julie and Steve had set their wedding date for  June 20, 2007 in Key West, Florida, however Steve had not officially asked Julie to be his wife. "We are sort of backwards but whatever works" said Julie. One day, Steve called Julie at work and wanted to know ifshe would like chinese for dinner> "UUUGGGGGHHHHH I was so not wanting it and said no but he was persistent about ordering take-out so I agreed."  It was a normal night of hanging out watching tv and having chinese carry out. Steve was being funny, and he says from the kitchen "they made homemade fortune cookies and told us to try them out."  In comes a plate for Julie of cookies, and yes, they were homemade. "I was feeling very nervous and thought could this be it. I opened the first one and it read You are truly loved and will be happy forever. He was telling me to see what the next fortune said: You will grow old with the one you love. I don't know how to explain it but I didn't know if was happening or what, but I kept opening them.  I was thinking these are so chewy do I have to eat these? I knew it when the next fortune said The man next to you loves you more than you will ever know. He is such a great man he made me fortune cookies and put the ring inside. He even put the lucky numbers as our wedding date. I didn't even see that until he showed me in the end. I framed the fourtunes and they now hang below our picture on the wall, it's one of my most favorite things and a reminder of how sweet my husband is and how much he loves me."

What an amazing and unique way to propose!  I love Steve's creativity and thoughtfulness. 

Julie & Steve were married 6/20/2007 in Key West, Florida as planned :)

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