Saturday, January 7, 2012


Pinterest. n. an amazing online inspiration board that wastes any "free" time i thought i had.

Okay, so maybe the definition above isn't EXACTLY what Pinterest is, but it truly is amazing.  In all fairness, it has lead to my family eating (and enjoying) more homemade meals, giving me great craft ideas to do with the girls, and has revolutionized the way i communicate with all of my clients.

Whether you are a coordination client, planning client, or design client, i am now able to share inspirational pictures and boards with all of you and you are able to share your boards and pictures with me. Pinterest will never replace my design proposal, but it is nice to have in addition to.  

**WARNING:  an account on Pinterest will lead to hours and hours of lost time (or not so "lost" depending on how you look at it; I classify my time on Pinterest as "work") ;)    

If you don't have an invite to Pinterest and want one, send me an email!


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