Sunday, January 22, 2012

{Heel Guards}

Are you worried about ruining your heels from walking outside on your wedding day? Do you dread the inevitable grass and dirt stains that are bound to attach themselves to your heels while you gingerly walk from one photo opportunity to the next?

Well, we have come across a fabulous product to ensure that not only will you be able to wear your heels outside without a hint of damage, but you also won’t lose fashion points given their subtle appearance. A new rage in the wedding world, the heel guard is designed to protect your shoes from Mother Nature and to make sure they look just as beautiful from the moment you put them on to the second you kick them off. A brand that we love is “Solemates.” They comes in four colors, (clear, black, silver and gold), and provide a wider sole to support a wealth of surfaces. From tricky cobblestone to sandy beaches, these little life savors are all you and your bridal party needs to keep your shoes 100% intact (and to limit the amount of stumbling and/or sinking that seems to occur in given situations). 

Also check out “Starletto’s” which is a brand specializing in heel guards for stilettos. Not only are they stylish (with a myriad of colors to choose from), and virtually inconspicuous, but also they are great for providing steadiness on the dance floor and for decreasing the number of scuff marks typically associated with a day of activity and footwear.  All in all, heel guards are a great bridal party gift idea and are smart for those wishing to add a touch of stability (literally) to their wedding day. We highly recommend them!

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