Wednesday, July 6, 2011

wedding photography - photojournalism

photojournalism.  what does it mean?  the AMAZING duo that is Jess + Nate Studios recently posted this on their blog and i thought it was the perfect explanation:

"We love a good photo journalistic engagement image. What does this mean? Aren’t most engagement images posed? Well yes, but our goal is to make them look like we didn’t!  We still love images where we can pick up the “feel” of the people around us while we were shooting a session. The image above is just that-a capture that we are really proud of. A man looks over his shoulder to catch the pose we put our clients into, while a kid on his dad’s shoulder is pointing towards the couple to the far right. So much going on in this image beyond just our couple having a moment. Images like these are one of the reasons we do what we do. To create a feeling with the beautiful images we capture of the couple as well."

thanks jess + nate for explaining it with such perfection!  xo

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