Tuesday, July 19, 2011

bridal shower gift

i am a huge fan of buying gifts off registries.  it's a safe bet - you know your gift is wanted and will be used.  however, every once in a while something comes along that you can't register for, but is one of the most amazing gifts (and something I wouldn't mind myself).  my dearest friend stacy who owns The Gown Shop turned me on to this specific item and i die.  behold:

the coolest thing about this item is that 1) you can get any state you want, and 2) you can have the heart put in any city.   how amazing!?  click here for the link to this awesomeness on etsy - seriously, awesome.

to all my friends and clients getting married - you will likely see this cutting board live and in person...perhaps in the form of a gift (especially if you are attending a bridal shower at Misty Farms on August 28, 2011)  *wink wink*

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