Monday, May 23, 2011

Day of Coordination (Behind the Scenes)

I knew we had done our job right when the mother of the bride said to me "It is so nice not to have to think about anything!  Thank you."

When we are hired for coordination services our goal is to ensure a stress free day for EVERYONE involved in the wedding from the bride to the bridal party, the mothers, fathers, grandparents...and all the guests.

For Megan & Nathan's wedding I attended the rehearsal the night before.  This allows me to meet the bridal party and the families and begin to establish relationships with them so they feel comfortable coming to me if they need anything the day of the wedding.  This is a key element in providing excellent coordination services for any wedding.

The day of the wedding my two assistants went to the Gandy Dancer to begin set up and I met Megan, Nathan, and the bridal party at First Congregational.  I set out the ceremony programs and guest book, helped the flower girl into her dress, and floated between the brides room and the grooms room to give time updates and let them know the schedule for the foreseeable future.  I connected with the limo driver to give him a schedule update for the afternoon, made sure each bridesmaid had kleenex in her bouquet, and lined up the girls and walked everyone up the stairs for their entrance into the ceremony.  After the ceremony I bustled Megan's dress and worked with the bridal party to hand out bubbles to all the guests for Megan & Nathan's departure.  I then gathered the guest book, leftover bubbles, and cleaned up the brides room so that the girls could easily gather their belongings on their way out of the church.

We had a very tight time line for pictures, so I helped round up family members and assisted the photographer gather the necessary people for pictures so they could quickly leave the church and head out for pictures around Ann Arbor.

I then left for the reception where I helped Megan hand out final vendor payments, and lined up the bridal party for their formal entrance into the reception.  Together with my assistants, we made sure the following events happened on scheduled: cake cutting, toasts, prayer, dinner, and dancing.

Nathan's family was handling clean up at the end of the night, so we were able to head out a little earlier than usual.  Overall it was a great day!  Thank you Megan & Nathan for letting us be a part of it!

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Nicole Haley said...

Phew! That made me tired just reading. Hope you got a little foot rub at the end of the day! :D