Sunday, March 27, 2011

Green & Eco-Friendly Wedding Planning Series - Wedding Dresses!

There is a big movement, especially here in Ann Arbor, to use not only local, but eco-friendly and "green" resources when possible.   We have FABULOUS local vendors that I could spend days writing about, but we wanted to search the nation to see what other amazing resources were out there for you brides!  From your wedding dress to your rings, invitations, flowers, wedding favors...the list goes on....there are amazing resources that you need to know about.  This is the first post (in a series of posts) about green & eco-friendly wedding planning where we explore each detail of your wedding, one at a time. 

First topic - your WEDDING DRESS!! :)  For all you local gals, you must check out The Gown Shop Ann Arbor - Designer Amy Kuschel was just featured in the Spring 2011 Issue of Eco-Beautiful Weddings.  Stacy Fork, owner of The Gown Shop Ann Abor, has created the most beautiful space and her customer service is top notch.  Click here to read more about Stacy and her amazing store.

But what else is out there?  Well, we found designer Morgan Boszilkov, based out of Atlanta, Georgia and owner of Natural Bridals.   Mogans collection represents an eco-friendly alternative to a designer wedding gown made with traditional material.
Morgan's designs are inspired by her travels in Europe and Asia and by everything in nature. She has boundless creative energy and enthusiasm for bringing an eco-friendly option to the modern bride.  She is commited to social and environmental responsibility and contributes 5% of her profits to organizations that support the environment - how greatt is that?  Here are a few of her gowns:

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