Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bridesmaid Gifts

Your bridesmaids have been with you through thick and thin - especially during this wedding planning process.  Some have been your friends since childhood, some are family members, and some so close they are practically family.  So what do you get for these girls who mean so much to you and have been there for you?  Here are a few of our favorite gifts:

Who doesn't love to receive mail these days?  And I'm not talking about lame credit card applications, but genuine, handwritten letters - these stationary box sets from Kenzie Kate Invitations ($75) are so fabulous and a gift that just about any bridesmaid would love!

After being on their feet all day and smiling pretty for the camera, any bridesmaid would die over these gorgeous ballet slippers from Beau Coup ($28).  They come in 16 different colors, including white for the bride!  This gift will last long after the wedding reception is over.
Instead of lugging around a duffel bag and/or purse all day, what better way to treat your bridesmaids than to these adorable Vera Bradley clutches ($42 or $25 for select colors on sale).  They come in over two dozen colors and prints so you're sure to find something that not only reflects your wedding, but that the girls will be able to use for years to come!  P.S. These also make for some great pics on your wedding day :)
Each one of us has a vice or addiction of some sort.  Some of us like to shop, some are addicted to certain coffee shops, and some love to read.  No matter who the bridesmaid, or what their lifestyle, a gift card to a place that is "so them" is the perfect way to individualize their gift.  Photo Credit

Last, but certainly not least is the infamous hoodie.  What better way to show off your bridal party and the fact that it's your wedding day, than by sporting these adorable zip up hoodies.  If you go this route, make sure they are a full zip up hoodie so you can easily slip in and out of it after you have your hair and make-up done.  So where can you get these...there is a fabulous, local company based out of Ann Arbor called Create My Tee that makes it so easy!  Photo Credit

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