Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How much is too much?

Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook, and now Formspring have taken over...well...the world!?  A Twitter colleague of mine Nancy Liu Chin owner of Nancy Liu Chin Designs in the greater San Francisco area posed the question:

 "Why should anyone Formspring?  Do tell!!!!"

According to their website Formspring is a data collection and management tool used to build contact forms, order forms, conduct surveys, and assist with event registration.  However, I have seen it used mostly to "unmask" the person(s) behind companies.  Companies are able to open themselves up to being asked ANY question, and answering it.  What happens if nobody asks a question?  How do you tell people to "Formspring you?"  I understand the concept behind this particular use of Formspring, but how much transparency is too much?

I will be very candid here; I can barely keep up with Twitter, Facebook, this blog, my website, and clients plus being a good mother, wife, daughter, friend, cousin (you get it)...I can't imagine adding one more "thing" to my daily life.  One Twitter user replied to Nancy and said "it's a way for people to connect with the people behind a company" to which Nancy read my mind - "Are we truly connecting???" 

I had the chance to email back and forth with Nancy and she is so inspirational in her approach to her business, her clients, and social media.  She emailed to me "I miss real connection, the type where you can hear someone's excitement, see someone's energy and feel someone's concern!  My clients often tell me it is my energy that helps them feel confident. And social media can't do that, no matter how many smilely faces or exclamation points I put!" 

We strive to have that same energy and enthusiasm in our planning and coordinating and hope our clients feel our true passion for what we do.
So back to the question - "Are we truly connecting???."  How do we truly connect with others?  Vendors, friends, clients?  Has Twitter, Facebook, and now Formspring forced us to be the people behind the computers behind the business?  What happened to just being the FACE of the business?  My goal for the following few months is to connect with new vendors and establish new relationships.  Admittedly, they are people I first met or "followed" on Twitter, and now I want to chat on the phone or meet in the person.  I want them to KNOW ME as Petals Planning Company.

Brides, Mothers of the Bride, Maids/Matrons of Honor - how did you connect with vendors?  Do you prefer phone, email, in -person?  Are formspring, Twitter, and Facebook enough for you to connect with us?

Vendors - do you use formspring?  How is it working for your and your business?  What do you do that is "unique" to connecting with clients?

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