Sunday, January 17, 2010

April Showers bring May FLOWERS :)

Today was a great, great day!  I met with Laura from Enchanted Florist in Depot Town Ypsilanti, and she was AMAZING!  It makes all the difference to work with vendors who are knowledgeable, friendly, and who do great work :)

I went to Laura to discuss a wedding we have July 31st, which I would describe as vintage.  However, Laura  really opened my eyes to help me realize that more than vintage this wedding was "rustic," and yes, that is the PERFECT word to describe it!!! 

As I relayed to Laura the dress, favors, centerpiece ideas, theme, budget, and venue she immediately had ideas and so our conversation began...

The bride has mentioned calla lillies quite a few times, so we started there.  Given the earthy, rustic feel to the wedding Laura recommended her bouquet be stacked calla lillies (like yellow ones in the picture above).  The dress is champagne colored, and the natural outdoor setting adds green and brown to the mix.  We have gold chiavari chairs and white tent for the reception.  The little pop of color in the bouquet would be PERFECT!  To save money, Laura suggested we use the bouquet as the centerpiece on the bride and grooms sweetheart table at the reception - that is one less centerpiece to pay for :)

The centerpieces for the guest tables will be big mason jars full of pine cones and/or twine, and Laura suggested ivory hydrangeas with mini green hydrangea around it.  Spectacular!  As she was talking I was visualizing the entire wedding in my head and it was AWESOME.  I gladly accepted everything Laura had to say and passed the info along to the bride - I am sure she will all for it.

One very cool thing about Enchanted Florist in Ypsilanti is that in the spring and summer she grows her own flowers!!!!!  One caveat to this is that you cannot predict the exact color or size of these flowers, so it does take a special person to be willing to commit to not knowing EXACTLY what the final product will look like.  The upside is that through using Enchanted Florist you are not only supporting a local business, but you are also supporting locally grown, organic flowers - it just makes you feel GOOD!

One very cool thing about Laura is that she's five months pregnant :)  CONGRATULATIONS LAURA!

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