Monday, November 16, 2009

The History of Wedding Rings

As I gazed down at the "ring finger" of my left hand last night, I thought to myself, why do we wear our engagement ring and wedding band on the third finger on our left hand? I did a little research and was interested to learn that there is a historic belief that there is a vein, the "vena amoris" that runs directly from the finger we deem as our "ring finger" to our heart. It is believed that by wearing your ring(s) on this finger means it is closest to your heart.

The ring itself is a symbol of perfection, unity, peace, and endlessness because it is round and has no beginning and no end. However, not all rings are worn on the traditional "ring finger." Some European women wear their ring on their right hand "ring finger." Some nationalities wear three rings, one for engagement, one for marriage, and one for motherhood. Jewish brides place their rings on their index finger, as that is the finger they use to point to the Torah as they read.

The type of metal which is used in wedding rings and bands has changed over the years. In early Roman times, iron was the metal of choice because it symbolized strength. However, iron rusts, and so the choice of metals evolved to silver and gold because of their beauty. Today we have choices such as 14K, 24K, and white gold or platinum.

I believe your engagement ring says a lot about who you are. The antique/vintage diamond has romance written all over it. I picture lace and soft beautiful colors. The round, brilliant shaped diamond is the most sparkly one out there. It reflects the most light, therefore making it seem very luminescent. The brilliant diamond says bright, bold colors and the most trendy decor. The radiant cut diamond says traditional and very organized to me. No detail will be left unattended by this bride. These are just a few of the many, many varieties of diamonds and rings. My own is a pear shaped - it was passed down from my husbands mother. While I never desired a pear shape diamond, I believe it fits me perfectly. It is unique and rare. It can be paired with many different types of wedding bands. I am the same way, I love soft, beautiful, classic looks and I love bright, bold, trendy looks. I can go either way depending on how I feel, just like the pear shape of my ring can work beautifully and classically all by itself, with a plain silver wedding band, or with a wedding band made up of any type of diamond, brilliant, raidant, eternity, pave, etc. I chose an eternity band with round, brilliant cut diamonds to set off the sparkle in my engagement ring - and I wouldn't trade it for any other band in the world.

What does your ring say about you?

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